The SIABS research center works closely with customers in order to optimize and develop gas burners suitable for the process application to be treated. We are able to develop samples with reduced timing practically tailored to the customer. Our burners meet all the rules and regulations of the Europe community.

The premixed metal fiber burners allow to obtain low levels of Nox, Co, CO2 emissions, compared to traditional open flame burners, with homogeneous temperature over the entire metal surface. Our pool of technicians daily checks with targeted tests the capacity and above all the reliability of the various burners, to offer our customers a quality product that is long lasting over time.

The premix operation of our high efficiency and low emission metal fiber burners allows their placement within the increasingly stringent regulations in terms of pollution / efficiency in the various countries of the European Community, United States, Canada, Australia, Russia etc …

Important note is the modulation of the burner and the homogeneous presence of flame even at very low rpm of the premix fan. Why metal fiber burners? Because this mesh allows important modulations, 2 different types of processing (Blue flame / Red flame), flexibility for use in a cylindrical or flat shape, high thermal power if necessary in very little space, absolute resistance to thermal changes.

Our range of burners is widely used in many applications, including: residential / commercial boilers, boilers, water heaters, high efficiency condensing boilers etc … and includes three types of burners with different conformations in shape, diameter, length and type of metal mesh in two versions (more or less thick). The range of our burners includes three series:

• COMPACT Compact irregular / cylindrical burners in metal fiber, specifically designed for small spaces inside the boiler room, without neglecting the importance of modulation and flame stability.

Burners with thermal power from 1 to 500 kw depending on the application

• FLAT Flat metal fiber burners, suitable for operation in red flame with high infrared emission temperatures without affecting the wear of the burner itself. Available in various sizes and thermal powers also on geometries decided by the customer.

Burners with thermal power from 10 to 200 Kw

• CYLINDRICAR Cylindrical burners in metal fiber with or without cover also covered with metal mesh, compact, performing, efficient. Maximum yield in a very short time. Various dimensions height / diameter / emitting part, according to the required thermal power.

Burners with thermal power from 18 to over 1 MW.

SIABS provides customers with years of experience in the construction of burners with cutting-edge technologies in compliance with European regulations, the environment with top quality materials.

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