Places of worship (churches, mosques, shrines, temples etc…) are the most difficult building to heat without having large energy bills as they are usually tall, with large air volume, don’t need to be heated constantly and need to have complete silence during moments of gathering.

SIABS has been heating churches for more than 30 years with radiant heating appliances that are ideal for places of worship.

Luminous radiant panels supply heat immediately and quietly. They are in use only when needed, as during functions, ceremonies or other gathering moments. The rest of the time they remain off without creating useless energy consumption and costs.

Furthermore, luminous radiant panels heat directly the people and the surfaces in the needed areas (usually the assembly and the presbytery), without having to heat the entire volume of air in the building, resulting in great energy saving.

The SIABS radiant heaters have been designed with special aesthetics so that they blend in with the architecture of the building.

Heated Churches

3000 +


SIBAS luminous radiant panels are the most quiet on the market while operating


SIABS luminous radiant panels reach the set comfort level in less than 5 minutes


SIABS radiant heating systems consume energy up to 60% less compared to other heating systems

Places of worship


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